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Renewable Energy: A Bright Future


Solar, Wind and other forms of renewable energy will be the fastest growing power  sources over the next few decades.
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Fujisan Solar Power Plants


Fujisan is an emerging Philippine Solar and Wind Technology company focused in the development of renewable energy for Independent Solar Power Producers and Plants,  Government Institutions and the Enterprise, from across all industires.  It draws its vast experience in design-planning, installation-construction, operation and maintenance from Horizontal to Rooftop Solar Power Plants in Japan.  It adheres to Quality that is second to none with no tolerance to substandard implementation.  Fujisan maintains a group of highly qualified personnel based in Manila and Nagoya.  All engineering planning - designs are made and approved in Nagoya.


Iga Solar Power Plant


The Iga Plant is a 2 megawatt solar facility located in the Suwa city, currently being constructed, operated and managed by the Eguchi Holding Group, parent company of Fujisan in Japan.


In the Philippines, Fujisan plans to construct up to as much as 100 megawatt for solar power for Feed In Tariff's program of Government.  It will make use of highly efficient EHJ panel and  power inverter and conditioners exclusively designed in Nagoya, Japan.  Currently, it is studying acquisition plans for several service contracts and Power Purchase Agreements.


Taketoyo Power Plant


The Taketoyo Plant is a 270 kilowatt solar facility located in the Aichi Prefecture.  It was constructed and currently being operated and matained by the Eguchi Holding Group, parent company of Fujisan in Japan.


Enrile, Tugegarao in the provice of Cagayan, Philippines, has been selected to host Fujisan's first Solar Power Plant.  Upon approval, Fujisan intends to contruct of up to 10MW of solar facility for either FIT or own use applcation.

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