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Welcome to Fujisan


Fujisan is an emerging Philippine Solar and Wind Technology company focused in the development of renewable energy for Independent Solar Power Producers and Plants,  Government Institutions and the Enterprise, from across all industires.  It draws its vast experience in design-planning, installation-construction, operation and maintenance from Horizontal to Rooftop Solar Power Plants in Japan.  It adheres to Quality that is second to none with no tolerance to substandard implementation.  Fujisan maintains a group of highly qualified personnel based in Manila and Nagoya.  All engineering planning - designs are made and approved in Nagoya.


Fujisan is a joint venture company between Eguchi Holdings of Japan ( and We are IT Philippines, Inc. ( of the Philipines.  Fujisan was launched Q3 of 2015.  Its primary purpose is to develop, market and operate renewable energy products and services through·out the the Philippine Market.  EHJ is solar and wind energy developer, installer and operator based in Nagoya in the Aichi prefecture central Japan.  WIT Philippine is the leading satellite broadband operator in the Philippines.  It has over 5,000 VSAT installation in the Asia Pacific region.


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