Manila Times - Eguchi to build solar, wind power plants in PH

Japan-based Eguchi Holdings Co. Ltd. is planning to develop solar and wind power plants in the Philippines as part of its expansion program.

Eguchi has tapped satellite broadband service provider We Are IT (WIT) Philippines, Inc. as its local partner in pursuing renewable energy (RE) projects. The partnership paved the way for the creation of a new company called Fujisan Solar and Wind Energy Corp., which aims to develop the country’s sustainable energy sources and provide the most advanced emergency communication technologies for Filipinos.

Katsuyoshi Eguchi, president of Eguchi Holdings, said the Philippines has always been blessed with an abundance of sunlight and they are ready to harness this source of renewable energy.

“This is the perfect time to share our company’s expertise with Filipinos all over the country to help provide them with a clean, sustainable source of energy,” said Eguchi.

He said Fujisan will be bringing solar panels certified by superior Japanese technology and workmanship that ensures advanced aesthetics and high efficiency. “Through Fujisan’s renewable energy solutions, the country can achieve economically sound and greener alternative power sources for the next generation,” said Eguchi.

The company will also introduce to the Philippine market two solutions: renewable energy and communication technologies.

Eguchi said these solutions are geared toward lessening the country’s dependency on expensive and pollution-causing fuel and providing access to faster communication platforms, especially during emergencies.

Jay Maddatu, Fujisan project director, said the new company promises to contribute a brighter future for Filipinos as it plans to invest in building solar power farms and plants in the country.

“This will generate clean and non-polluting power to light up homes and fuel industries that will drive further the country’s economic growth,” he added.

Joseph Maddatu, WIT Philippines COO said, the company is planning to install solar power plants in the country capable of generating 2 to 3 megawatts (MW) of electricity for about $3 million (P139.9 million).

Maddatu said the company is eyeing Cagayan Valley, Pililia in Rizal and some areas in Mindanao as the location of its solar power facilities.

WIT, through Fujisan, is also introducing the country’s first fully outsourced and managed emergency response and communication vehicle. Called WIT’s Emergency Response Vehicles (WERV), this piece of equipment fills the need for communication in times of natural disasters and emergencies.

It uses solar panels and diesel fuel for power and can be connected to share power from the grid.